Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pieces from my 2010 collection, 'Alliteration'

Sterling Silver & Easycast animal head pin

Cast Sterling silver ring

Easycast Animal-head necklace

Hand-dyed resin Plug Necklace

Sterling Silver cast 'tree' Necklace

Sterling Silver 'Moral' pin

Sterling Silver animal-head-shild Necklace

Hand-dyed resin, and easycast bull's head pin

Stg Collection, Instillation 2011

Detail from instillation 

Stg. 'Shit' bracelet with crystal bead

Detail from Instillation

Assorted Stg. Rings

Stg. 'Mortal' bracelet

'Revolt', 'Shit' and 'Mortal' bracelets

Stg. 'Shit' bracelet with crystal bead

Stg. 'Revolt' bracelet with crystal bead

The full collection

Collection as instillation in Luck/House

Bell Necklace

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Opened my shop this week. A store in Auckland's High Street, unique in that every single thing for sale was independently designed and made in Auckland by young designers. see